Margaret McLoughlin


This exhibit is concerned with the life stories and memories of Margaret McLoughlin. In her stories, Margaret reminisces about growing up in Dromahair Co. Sligo. She remembers leaving her home to attend a convent boarding school. She describes joining the Legion of Mary and working in the Post Office.

Margaret met her husband Sean in 1956 first in her office and later at a ballroom in Seapoint, Co. Galway. She describes their wedding day and remembers how they travelled to the Lake District for their honeymoon. Margeret and her husband had four children together and she describes their happy marred life.

After her children were reared, Margaret returned to work in the Irish Civil Service and she spent time living and working in Brussels. She notes that she is enjoying her retirement and she describes the voluntary work that she does.


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Childhood and Early Life

In this section, Margaret gives details of her childhood in Co. Sligo. She remembers her father's workshop, the fear of TB and the scarcity experienced during the war years. She describes the different entertainment activities that occurred in Dromahair including plays and fairs.

Adolescence and Early Adulthood

In this section of the exhibit Margaret describes some experiences from her adolescence and young adulthood. These experiences include leaving home to attend convent school, making friends and meeting her first boyfriend, training in the post-office, joining the Legion of Mary and enjoying the various outings organised by the Legion.

Marriage and Family

In this section of the exhibit Margaret describes her marriage and famly life. She remembers meeting her husband to be, Sean, at work and later bumping into him in Galway. They married in 1956 and spent their honeymoon in the Lake District. Together they had four children and Margaret describes their happy family life. She remembers that she provided digs for students in her home and she shares her happy memories of holidaying with her family in Ireland.

Work and Employment

In this section of the exhibit Margaret shares her memories of working in the Irish Civil Service. She began her first job in 1949 and ended her working career in Brussels.


This section of the exhibit is concerned with the memories and stories of Margaret as she describes her retirement years. She notes the importance to her of her family and she describes the education she partook of in retirement.


In this section of the exhibit Margaret shares some of her reflections on life through a poem by Thomas Moore.