Theresa Byrne


This exhibit documents the life and memories of Theresa Byrne. Theresa was born and reared in Dublin in the 1940's and she provides an account of the games she played as a child as well as her experiences of school. Theresa married and had three children, whom she is very proud of. In this exhibit she reflects upon her life and noting its high and low points and acknowledging her achievements and her happiness.


McTiernan, K. & O'Donnell, D. (2012) Life Histories Archive,


Childhood and Early Life

This section of the exhibit is concerned with the childhood and early life of Theresa. In her stories, she describes her schooldays, notably the games she used to play, the uniform and classroom, the teachers, religion and her friends.  During this period, Theresa joined the choir, which became a lifelong hobby.

Adolescence and Early Adulthood

The stories and images displayed in this section document Theresa's adolescence and early adulthood. She remembers her many interests, especially in fashion, music and dances. She describes being a part of the Choir and trips she went on with a group of friends.

Marriage and Family

In this section of the exhibit Theresa shares memories of marriage and famliy life.  She describes meeting her husband and their courtship.  She remembers their wedding day and honeymoon.  Together they had three children and Theresa remembers them growing up and their happy family life.

Work and Employment

In this section of the exhibit Theresa shares her memories of working.  Her first job was as a cashier in a shop on Grafton street, Dublin.  She remembers spending her first pay check.  Over the years, Theresa has worked in a number of different jobs.


In this section Theresa reflects on her life.  She considers the values she has obtained in her life's journey and she explains that she has tried to impart these to her children. She notes that, although there were tough times, she was always happy.  She remembers the great achievement of owning her own car.