'I felt very homesick, I was pining to go back to India and wrote letters to my parents'

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'I felt very homesick, I was pining to go back to India and wrote letters to my parents'


Dolly Misra recounts the first years away from India and missing her parents.


Dolly Misra


Trinity College Dublin




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My husband was very busy working as a Senior House Officer and Registrar day and night and sometimes night duties including the weekend calls. Everythign was so different in sixties and seventies than now. The standard of living and the salaries were not as high as the present time. We couldn't afford a car for a few years. We were moving from one county to another from North to South living in the hospital houses as my husband wanted to have different experiences in different fields of medicine. Children were feeling very unsettled moving from one place to another and changing schools and friends. I felt very homesick and pining to go back to India and writing letters to my Parents. There was no mobiles and telephone calls were too expensive specially the distant calls. Flights were unaffordable to go for holidays. I lot my parents and couldn't go visit them which made things worse. The children were growing up a litte which made my life a bit easier than before




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