Maura Corr

Page One

Childhood memories of oranges and fruit arriving after the war.  People (young) dying of T.B.  Fields, picking mushrooms, blackberries and playing games.  Skipping, jackstones, buttons, rounders.  Everything impromptu as there was no organising of children.

After leaving school dancing and dressing up.  Meeting boys and the odd date.  Sex was something nobody spoke about.  So dates were all very innocent.

Eventually marriage which happened without much preparation.  Childbirth of which I haven’t had much experience.

School years of coming and going.  Meeting other mums.  Very few worked.

Eventually the empty nest.  It took a while to get used to.


From a sickly start when I as young I’m still here and alive.  My mother would be proud if she were alive.  She always thought I was too sickly for marriage and children.  She didn’t realise I was more into the arts and always had my head in the clouds.  So I’m proud I’m still here and have tried my hand at so many numerous things, even if I wasn’t always good.  But the ones I did well at I’m proud.