Michael Carlin

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Growing up we were taught that pride was a sin or that ‘pride comes before a fall’ but I don’t believe in that all now.  I think we should take pride in our achievements while at the same time acknowledging that our talents come from God.

I am really proud of our three girls and the fine women they have grown up to be.  Friends say that it is down to how they were reared, but I have seen others who were equally well brought up turn out to be the greatest rogues in the Country.  Dara, Aoife and Fiona have all achieved success in their chosen careers and have excelled at school and university.  They have made a great success of their marriages and, in the cases of Aoife and Fiona, are wonderful mothers.

Honesty, integrity, respect, reliability, good manners – these are the values that were instilled in me from an early age.  First of all by my Parents, then at school and, as I grew up, by the teachings of the church.  I have tried my best to live my life according to these standards and to pass them on to my children.  I hope that I have, by and large, managed to do that.  It is for others to judge.