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I recall one bright summer evening when I was about thirteen, my mother, sister Eilish and myself watching my brother Aidan who was about seventeen at the time heading off to a Carnival about three miles up the road to hear Roy Orbison. I wouldn't…

As children we all attended Lislea Primary school which was situated about two miles from our house, on the Ballyards road. The quickest way to get there was by taking a shortcut through a nearby farm, Nicholsons, which had an existing lane from the…

A photo of Ita McClelland with her siblings.

A photo of Ita McClelland on the beach with her sister, mother, and other relations.

I was always a somewhat solitary individual and I did not have close relationships with my older brothers, George and Tony. I was probably just too young to be included in their games. I was also somewhat too old for my younger siblings so I did not…

A picture of Mary Dynan with her brother and her cousin. Mary is on the right.

This is a picture of Mary Dynan with her mother and her younger brother Barney.

A photo of Maisie McNailly with her brother and sister outside their home playing with a bicycle.

A photo of Maisie McNailly as a child with her older brother.

A photo of Maisie McNailly aged about ten with her older brother and younger sister.