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Life had its ups and down as anyone who has ever had the privilege of working with teenagers will testify. I had bought a Nissan Sunny car from Peter Aiken in Harare, and it was a beautiful car. Romuald thought he was the' bees' knee's in this car. I…

A photo of Ita McClelland aged about fifteen standing outside her school.

A photo of Ita McClelland as a young teenager in her front garden.

Billy Gallagher as a teenager


As a teenager during the war we cycled to Belcoo and Black Lion for butter and sugar. Black Lion was in the Republic of Ireland. As children we nick-named Black Lion as 'The Black'. Butter and sugar were rationed during the war. When aunts came to…

In 1944,I became a teenager. In those days it just happened. Nothing very exciting. Girls in general were not taught the facts of life. The country-side was a safe place to live,there was never any danger as were always in a crowd. On Saturday nights…

A picture of Mary Dynan aged 17 in Hotel St Jude, Lourdes, France, August 1952.

A picture of Mary Dynan aged 15.

A picture of Mary Dynan in Kilkeel in June 1952.

A photo of Mary Dynan with secondary school friends. Mary is second row on the right - with a hat on!