Dolly Misra

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Although we were three sisters and two brothers in my family, I was my father’s pet and getting my own way in quite a lot of things and my brothers and sisters used to call it a favouratism.

My father was a judge and it was a transferable job in which case we had to change different places living in various houses and change of schools which I hated most.  It was taking me a long time to settle down in a new surroundings and making new friends.  Everytime we change school I used to miss my old teachers and friends and making me very unsettled, but eventually I was settling down and on the whole I had a very happy childhood with good upbringing.

I had a favourite doll who had very long and black hair I used to plait the hair putting a red ribbon at the bottom and changing different kind of outfits.

My most favourite place was my maternal grandparents house.

My childhood interest was playing games, music and friendship.  Playing marbles with friends.

My Parents had watch dogs and singing and talking birds – the birds used to call everybody by their names i.e. the birds used to call me “Dolly”.