Dolly Misra

Page Three

I lived in a joint extended family which is very common in India.  We all lived in a very big house with uncles, aunties and cousins.  My father was the eldest and bread winner and took over the financial responsibilities.  We had three or four servants to do the house chores i.e. cleaning, gardening, cooking etc although supervised by my mother.  We had a family car and a driver and were driven everywhere.

In those days ladies never went out to do grocery shopping.  It was not considered to be respectable, so it was done by the servants.

Ladies were going shopping only to buy clothes, jewelleries or any fancy goods for the house.

I remember very well how I was going to the bookshop with my father to buy school books and stationaries.  My father was a gold medalist in Law from a very good university in India.  He was very strict regarding studies and made sure that we all do our homework properly.  Private tuition at home was given to all my brothers and sisters.  I was above average in the class, but one of my brothers and sisters were always at the top and did very well.





Lots of memories flash backs to me regarding the various Hindu festivals.  There is almost some celebrations in each month although there are quite a few main ones such as Diwali, Durga Poja, Ratha-Yatra etc.  Just like Christmas here, the Hindus celebrate “Diwali” which is known as “Festival of Lights”.  This festival normally falls at the same time as Christmas and celebrated by burning the candles, exchanging gifts, wearing new clothes, Ladies wearing new expensive jewelleries and having parties and eating different kings of sweets.  All the family get togther and have fun.  Everybody gets holidays including the schools and universities and make the most of it.  Till now, after living here in the UK for fifty years, I get a bit homesick specially that time of the year and the old memories come back.