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A picture of Rosemary McCloskey on her graduation day with her sister Cecilia. Cecilia got dressed for the photograph since she had no time for a picture on the day of her own graduation. She had to rush off to Rooskey, Co Tyrone to our cousin…

A photo of Ita McClelland receiving the S.R.N. Certificate with her class from Craigavon Area Hospital.

After primary school I did a commercial course in the vocational school in Ballsbridge. I completed many short courses, such as dress designing, knitting, arts and crafts and others. Forever it seemed I yearned for further education and an…

Harry Browne on his graduation day in 1995

Mike at his graduation form Open University

Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia, gets an honorary doctorate at the same graduation ceremony as Mary Dynan.

This is an image of Avril Patterson's granddaughter and daughter in Waterfront Hall.

This is an image of Avril Patterson's daughter and her son-in-law at the Waterfront Hall.

This is a picture of Avril Patterson with her daughter on her graduation day.