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A picture of Norma's daughter


Norma and her daughter and son-in-law

Norma's daughter at a baptism

Tom pushing his 1-year old daughter on the swing

Margaret's's daughter Deirdre pictured in the newspaper on her sixteenth birthday holding a picture of herself as a baby

A photo of Ita McClelland's son and daughter in their home.

A photo of Ita McClelland with her son and daughter dressed for a wedding.

The fourth female in my life is our daughter, Valerie. I cannot find words adequate enough to fully express enough tanks due to her, for all she has been to her mother and me. I can think back to the time her primary school teacher told her she…

The next female in my life was Doreen, my girlfriend and subsequent wife. She was brought up with similar standards to mine and, even when we were dating, we both had a set time to be home at night, unless both our parents knew of any special event…

My life really has changed since I lost my daughter, Sima, in July 27th of 1999, who was very close to me. She was not only my daughter but my constant friend, support and sometimes I feel as if she was my Guardian Angel to me. She protected me and…