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Tom's children at the beach in Protrush

A photo of Ita McClelland with her husband on the beach.

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A photo of Margaret and her daughter and grandchildren at the beach in Bettystown.

Margaret's children playing at the beach in Dollymount.

Margaret and her friends sitting on the beach during a Legion outing in 1954.

The flow of life moved on, we got older, meanwhile our interest expanded to dances and boys. Boyfriends then were usually altar boys or boy scouts who too were attached to the Franciscans. At the time, a bicycle was a great accessory to own and I…

My first holiday to Europe was a special trip to Benidorm. It was organised by the Presbyterian Church. An older minister was our leader. We had a wonderful time on the beach, swimming, sun bathing, playing games and good chat. We all stayed in…

Dolly pictured at the beach

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Billy Gallagher as a young boy on the beach with his siblings

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Tom's children at the beach in Portrush