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Norma hugging two of her grandchildren

Three of Norma's grandchildren

Tom,his wife,their children and their grandchildren

Tom and his wife Doreen surrounded by their grandchildren

Valerie,Kenneth and the their children

A photo of Margaret and her daughter and grandchildren at the beach in Bettystown.

Margaret's mother-in-law at her 80th birthday surrounded by her grandchildren.

Bevin Carlin Kelly - as she calls herself. Bevin fills our lives with joy and manages to brighten each day that we are lucky enough to see her. Like her mother (Fiona) she has an independent streak with an enquiring and challenging mind. She has…

Lindsay, Ryan and Connor. Lindsay was born in Belfast and when she was born, she lived in Wedderburn Avenue on the Erinvale Avenue at Finaghy. It was heartbreaking when Thomas and Margaret decided to go to Vancouver. Ryan and Connor became the…

I took early retirement at the age of 55 to look after my grandchildren. I felt very sad and have preserved my farewell gift for my memory. I missed my work and friends quite a lot as I was used to a different kind of daily routine getting up early,…