'After leaving school at sixteen there was a great sense of freedom'

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'After leaving school at sixteen there was a great sense of freedom'


Maura recounts the freedom she sensed after leaving school, being able to go to the pictures, yet, still feeling the influence of religion on her life.


Maura Corr


Trinity College Dublin




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After leaving school at sixteen there was a great sense of freedom. No more study or no more strict school uniform. At last having money to spend. Shopping and clothes. However there were many ups and downs. Crying, worrying, fretting, nobody understanding anything and not know what I wanted or what to do. Boys became interested, which was even worse 'no company keeping' had been drummed into us (for fear of becoming pregnant) which we knew nothing about, so I kept my distance. I usually went out at night to the local shops in the local halls run by local people who kept everything and everybody under control. No such thing as close dancing or the 'evil drink'. The local picture house was frequented regularly. Three times a week when the picture changed. We swooned over the male stars, especially Rock Hudson. We went to evening devotions in the local church. We went to Mass almost daily and confession regularly. Religion was very important in our life.


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